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I have been using leads as my first line of marketing for years, but must say the quality of your leads is simply outstanding. We are closing at a 30% rate. Keep up the quality.
Walt T
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Increase your ROI. Marketing Security Systems


Why not just buy a “Lead” mailing list?

Many companies are attempting to sell glorified mailing lists and calling them “Sales Leads,” but often, these are not real Leads at all. While many companies are advertising that they have Security related Sales Leads available for businesses, what they are really selling is a simple list of names, numbers, addresses, and sometimes email addresses. These are in reality nothing more than list brokers selling regurgitated names to unsuspecting buyers. When buying security system leads, companies should be very careful about the product that they are purchasing. When it come to offering leads, we firmly believe that Lead “origin & nature” will always offer increased benefits than Lead “Quantity”.

When are Sales Leads “really” Sales leads?
At Leads2020, our definition of a Sales Lead is a “real customer” seeking a “real solution” to a “real need” right now,and asking for information regarding their needs either by telephone or via our targeted website.
By understanding that leads have measurable components that can reflect the consumer's intent, or influence an advertiser's ability to convert prospects into customers, we proactively measure the quality of each individual lead prior to offering them to our valued advertisers.
We evaluate each lead in relation to the following guidelines:

  • What was behind the consumer taking action?
  • Was the action proactive or passive?
  • Was the lead generated as part of an 'up sell"' or did they only respond to one product?
  • What specifically piqued the consumer's interest?

How do our Security System Leads differ from our competitor’s “ leads?
Before delivering a lead, we assess the consumer’s genuine interest in the advertiser’s product or service, and therefore, the likelihood that the security system dealer can convert the prospect into a customer.“

"Lead Origination”, as it applies to online lead generation, refers to the specific advertising medium used to capture both consumer interest and consumer information. Lead origination answers the question, How are my leads being generated and what is the origin?"
Over the course of time, and with the input of our loyal and satisfied network of security system dealers, we have been able to enumerate which factors of a lead will generate a higher percentage of sale closures for our dealers.

What are the sources of the Security leads distributed by SecurityLeads2020?
At SecurityLeads2020, we use a proprietary marketing program, which we have formulated after many years of assessing and validating which marketing methods work best for the Security System industry as well as the dealers territory. To achieve the superior closing results our advertisers have come to expect, we use a combination of direct marketing, telemarketing, on-line search and a reoccurring referral program. We will never use incentive programs to create leads. We may at times offer incentives to "current“ ∓ “past" clients when they "actually" contract with an advertiser.

Buy Security leads through SecurityLeads2020. Now What?
Lead Age has always been most important in closing a lead. Generally, security lead buyers who buy real-time leads see great value in following up on a lead as soon as received.
As a Security Dealer, if you don’t have the means to communicate immediately, or at the very least, within a few hours, with a prospect who has expressed an immediate need for your service, take a step back, change your marketing campaigns, then start a security lead-gen campaign.


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